A LOVING son ran 10km along a bush track to save his mother's life yesterday.

An woman in her mid 70s was hiking through a remote creek bed in Central Queensland's Canarvon Gorge with family when she suddenly felt faint and passed out.

With no way to call for help, the woman's son ran to the nearest ranger station 10km away and raised the alarm before returning to his mum with help.


LifeFlight's Roma-based Surat Gas Aero-Medical Service (SGAS) helicopter was called to the scene just after 2.30pm and was issued the daring task of airlifting the South Burnett woman.

Winch operator and LifeFlight Roma Base Manager Bryce Duke said the isolated location of the patient and the sheer cliffs that surrounded the site meant landing the helicopter was not an option - and a winch rescue was the only possibility.

"It was an incredibly tight spot and we were getting a lot of wind through the gorge and off the canyon walls," Mr Duke said.

"The trees below meant that we couldn't get any lower, so we made the decision to winch from a significant height."

A LifeFlight doctor and Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) paramedic were winched down to the site and were able to stabilise the woman for transport, before winching her back up into the helicopter on a stretcher.

"Because of the nature of the job, we were working at maximum cable extension for the winch - it look approximately two-and-a-half minutes for us to winch the medical team down; and about the same to bring the patient back up into the helicopter," Mr Duke said.

"The entire family were entirely grateful for us arriving - I think they were dreading the prospect of carrying the lady out on foot for 10 kilometres. In fact, I think they'd still be walking out if they carried her out by foot."

The woman was flown to Roma Hospital in a stable condition.