Calvin Jordan Wahlberg
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CQ mine paramedic had fake degree

FOR five years Calvin Jordan Wahlberg worked as a paramedic to keep central Queensland miners safe.

He was even promoted to a managerial role in Brisbane. Except Wahlberg had forged his qualifications in paramedic science.

Brisbane District court on Thursday heard Wahlberg received more than $550,000 in wages over the five-year period working with Corporate Protection Australia and Hastings Deering.

Wahlberg's lawyer Ben Power said his client had training as an emergency medical technician but did not have the paramedic diploma he claimed.

Wahlberg has pleaded guilty to fraud and forgery charges.

Wahlberg worked in mines near Emerald and as a manager in Brisbane. He had previously worked as a Queensland Ambulance Service dispatcher.

He eventually applied to join the college of paramedics, but he was recognised and his qualifications questioned. After an investigation police raided his Brisbane home and found his fake degrees.

Wahlberg initially told police the qualifications were legitimate but eventually admitted they were fake.

Mr Power said Wahlberg had made a "terrible set of errors” but was not charged with carrying out his duties in the job wrongly.

"Nothing he did fell outside the terms of an EMT,” Mr Power said.

But he admitted Wahlberg was unlikely to have got the job, or the promotion to manager, without the fake degree.

The Office of the Health Ombudsman has banned Wahlberg from working in health. The court heard Wahlberg has since retrained as an industrial safety officer.

Judge Deborah Richards will sentence Wahlberg on Friday. -NewsRegional