Cousins’ brutal answer to drug question



A sneak peek of a Ben Cousins interview airing on Sunday night does little to dispel concerns the former AFL star may still be using drugs.

Channel 7 has secured the first sit-down with the former West Coast Eagles player in 10 years and has been drip feeding vision ahead of its release.

The latest footage, which shows interviewer Basil Zempilas sitting on a couch with the 41-year-old, is brutal television.

Zempilas: "We've been with you for about five days now filming this documentary, can you tell us categorically Ben, have you used drugs in this time?

Cousins: "Ahh, no. Um ... no, but it's something that, um ..."

Zempilas: "But it's a pretty simple question Ben - have you used drugs, yes or no, in the five days that we've been together?"

Cousins: "No, no ... well, when you ..."

Zempilas: "No?"

Cousins: "No. But you know I umm ... no."

Zempilas doesn't shy away from asking confronting questions of Cousins, including about the death of fellow former Eagle and his close friend Chris Mainwaring in 2007.

Zempilas: "I've got to ask you this. Why didn't what happened to Mainy shock you straight?"

Cousins: "Well it did, I think. Yeah, it did."

Zempilas: "But you used drugs again after his death."

Cousins: "Mmm … ahh."

Basil Zempilas interviews Ben Cousins.
Basil Zempilas interviews Ben Cousins.

There are also some lighter moments as Cousins talks about his continued love for the game of footy.

"There's something about a new football," he said. "The smell, the touch. My shoulders prick up and I get excited. It makes me happy, makes me smile. I love it."

That love has been passed down to his eight-year-old son, Bobby, who is filmed watching his dad's highlights.

"I haven't pushed (Bobby) into (footy) or whatever, but he's got a bad case of it at the moment," Cousins said.

"When I got out (of jail) last time I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here was on. My boy he just loves f***ing spiders and lizards and snakes and everything.

"I said to him, 'Would you like dad to go on that?' He goes, 'I'd love you to go on that, dad'.

"But he said, 'I think you have to do something professional first'. F***ing not far from the truth."

Ben Cousins has given his first interview in 10 years.
Ben Cousins has given his first interview in 10 years.

Seven entertainment reporter Peter Ford revealed yesterday Cousins was being paid for the interview.

"For those who want to know need to know, there was payment involved, but the payment has gone to Ben's lawyer and it will be drip fed to him for his living expenses moving forward," Ford said.

"So the last thing you want to do when you're dealing with an addict is give them a whole bunch of cash. That is not what is happening."


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