COURT: Woman who swore in front of magistrate jailed

A WOMAN who swore in front of a magistrate will spend a month in prison after she was re-sentenced for four contraventions of the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared before Maryborough Magistrates Court last week and pleaded guilty to contravening two probation orders.

Failing to comply with the two probation orders, both of which were handed down last year, meant the woman would be re-sentenced for the original charges.

She had also failed to provide identifying particulars, the court was told, because she forgot as she was stressed out at the time.

The 21-year-old woman told the court she had been homeless and was staying wherever she could when she had failed to report.

Magistrate John Smith accused her of blowing a "huge raspberry" at the court by failing to comply with the probation orders, which meant the woman would have to report regularly to a probation officer.

"You consented but had no intention of observing the conditions," he said.

The woman told Mr Smith "it's bulls**t".

"He was able to belt the absolute crap out of me and I'm the one who got in the s**t," she told the court in reference to the original charges of contravening the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act.

But Mr Smith said the woman had consented to each of the probation orders, which had resulted in this situation.

"Your attitude to compliance is totally unacceptable," Mr Smith said.

The woman was fined $500 for failing to provide identifying particulars.

Both probation orders were revoked.

The woman was given a head sentence of three months in prison with a parole release date of August 3.