COURT: Man nabbed for Tinana petrol drive-off

A MAN found with a stolen bicycle claimed he was on his way to the police station to hand it in when he was discovered with it.

Shannon James Robson, 27, told police he had found the bike in a bush when he was questioned over the matter, adding he was on his way to the police station to hand it in.

He pleaded guilty in Maryborough Magistrates Court to unlawful possession of suspected stolen property, possessing dangerous drugs, failing to dispose of a syringe and possessing a knife in a public place.

In January Robson was also involved in a petrol drive-off in Tinana in which he failed to pay $8.53.

He was also found in possession of marijuana.

In April, Robson was stopped by police and was found with a syringe.

He made admissions to having a knife.

The court heard Robson was on a pension and had an intellectual disability.

Drugs had played a negative role in his life, the court heard.

Robson was placed on a nine-month probation order.

He was also ordered to pay restitution for the petrol drive-off.