Coast child porn predator sent sex toys to 12-year-old

FROM halfway around the world, William Glen Fissenden preyed on a 12-year-old girl, sending and receiving naked photos and videos and having sex toys delivered to her United States home.

The images would later be shared to a website and to Skype users, including the girl's mother.

Fissenden, 20, pleaded guilty to a series of charges in Hervey Bay District Court, including distributing and possessing child exploitation material and making child pornography.

The court heard Fissenden's crimes came to light when the girl made a complaint to police in the US.

During his contact with her, Fissenden requested and received naked photos and indecent videos.

He bought sex toys and had them delivered to her home and at one point requested naked images of her 13-year-old friend.

The court heard, after police seized Fissenden's electronic devices and he was charged and released on bail, he contacted the girl again and made requests for more photographs.

He told her he did not care about the police involvement, adding that she was "his life".

The court heard Fissenden uploaded sexual photos of the girl to a website, as well as images of other children depicting child abuse.

The court heard he sent photos of the girl to her mother after a Facebook discussion about being able to have contact with her.

When she refused to allow him to speak to the girl, the court heard he told her where to find a sex toy in the girl's room and later sent indecent images of her daughter.

He also sent a letter to the girl and her mother, again requesting contact and telling the girl he loved and missed her.

Across the devices seized by police, 2778 files of exploitation material were found.

The court heard about 95 per cent of the images related to the complainant, while some of the images were of other children.

During sentencing, Judge Nathan Jarro said Fissenden had exposed the girl to "highly sexualised content" and he had not ceased offending after his arrest.

He said Fissenden had "contributed to the market of exploitation material".

"These aren't victimless crimes," Judge Jarro said.

The court heard Fissenden had no previous criminal history.

He had been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and had an IQ in the lowest seven per cent.

He had believed he was in love with the girl, but had since said that thinking "was stupid", the court was told.

Judge Jarro said Fissenden had a supportive mother and wished to avoid further charges.

Fissenden was given a head sentence of two years in prison, but was released immediately as he had spent 685 days in pre-sentence custody. The sentence had an operational period of five years, including three years under the supervision of corrective services.