IN celebration of 150 years of firefighting in Ipswich, the QT and QFES will present a series of videos over the next few weeks.

Each video will be uploaded onto the QT website every Friday. Here's the second in the series: Bearing the Load.

Brassall couple Harold and Lucy Schimke were trapped for two-and-a-half hours after a 40-tonne truck rolled on top of their vehicle.

Two dozen Ipswich firefighters were later recognised for saving the lives of the pair, who miraculously survived the crash on the Warrego Hwy at Haigslea in April, 1999.

The Schimke's vehicle was almost completely crushed by the truck, which was carrying the bogie wheels from a train.

Mr and Mrs Schimke spent several days in hospital, but both recovered. Both were on hand to congratulate the firefighters a year later, when they received certificates of commendation for their heroics. Ripley station officer Des Sardie said the event stood out as a fine example of the life-saving work by Ipswich firefighters.

"When they arrived on scene the only thing they could see to suggest that there was life in that car was Mrs Schimke's arm with her fingers moving," he said.

"The firefighters had to get a few cranes in there because the weight was shifting all the time. One false move and it would have been fatal.

"It certainly goes down in folklore as an example of where the guys did some great work."

MIRACLE: The Schimke crash of 1999.
MIRACLE: The Schimke crash of 1999. CONTRIBUTED