COMMITMENT: Ipswich Local Ambulance Committee volunteers Enid and Brian Machin.
COMMITMENT: Ipswich Local Ambulance Committee volunteers Enid and Brian Machin.

Couple put in 50 years with ambo service

THIS week the Queensland Ambulance Service will pay tribute to those who carry out vital and potentially life-saving roles without expecting a cent in return.

They are the community members who selflessly give up their time to help - and all for the pure love of it.

On the 30th anniversary of National Volunteer Week, the QAS is expressing its gratitude for the invaluable contributions more than 1500 volunteers make across the state.

Among them are Ipswich stalwarts, husband and wife duo Brian and Enid Machin, who have given a combined total of more than 50 years to the cause.

Brian has been a member of the Ipswich Local Ambulance Committee for nearly 12 years, while Enid has racked up a whopping 48 years, having joined in 1971.

Together the Machin's have raised an incredible amount of funds for their local ambulance service and have given back to their community with CPR and first aid awareness sessions.

West Moreton Local Ambulance Service Network manager Anthony Hose said he greatly appreciated the work volunteers carried out in his region.

"We feel incredibly lucky to have members such as Brian and Enid Machin," Chief Superintendent Hose said.

"They are a wealth of knowledge and kindness within the Ipswich community and QAS family."

The Machin's and other volunteers will be formally recognised throughout the LASN over the coming week.

QAS operational volunteers include honorary ambulance officers, volunteer drivers and first responders. They are community members who respond to triple-0 calls to support paramedics.

"These volunteers are particularly vital in rural areas where they can be the first point of contact for a patient," Mr Hose said.

Commissioner Russell Bowles has witnessed first-hand how the drive of volunteers to help others aligns with QAS staff, and how by working together, volunteers and staff have made significant contributions to the community.

"Volunteers form an integral part of what we do in the QAS and this year's national theme 'making a world of difference' couldn't sum up the weight of our volunteers more," Mr Bowles said.

Anyone interested in any of the volunteer roles available through the QAS is encouraged to visit