Jake Holzheimer and Mikaela Polzin said they have been overwhelmed by the compassion shown by people after a car accident left Mikaela in hospital.
Jake Holzheimer and Mikaela Polzin said they have been overwhelmed by the compassion shown by people after a car accident left Mikaela in hospital. Contributed

'Overwhelming' support after pregnant woman hit by car

INSTEAD of spending the next few months excitably preparing for the arrival for their first child, a young couple are instead stuck in the "unknown".

Despite a horrible accident turning their whole world upside down, Jake Holzheimer and Mikaela Polzin are expressing their gratitude towards those who have reached out in their time of need; friends and strangers alike.


Mikaela, who was 28 weeks pregnant at the time, was airlifted to hospital in Brisbane after her legs were seriously injured while she was in the process of providing assistance at the site of a two-vehicle crash last week.

On Friday she will undergo her fourth surgery since the accident and there is an increasing chance her baby will be born prematurely.

A friend set up a GoFundMe campaign to try and reduce the financial burden during this difficult period and almost $3500 has been raised in just a few days.

It has not been an easy few weeks for the pair.


Jake Holzheimer and Mikaela Polzin.
Jake Holzheimer and Mikaela Polzin. Contributed

Mikaela was made redundant a couple of weeks before the incident and Jake is not working to stay by his fiancé's side in hospital.

The future of their unborn child is another source of worry on top of the damage to Mikaela's left leg and right foot, which doctors are still fighting to save.

"Baby has a strong heart rate and from the scans (earlier this week), they said all was going well," Jake said.

"They're intending to do a scan on its brain just to check that there hasn't been any trauma to the brain from the injuries and the medications.

"They've said with each operation that the risk grows of her having a premature birth."

Jake, an auxiliary fire fighter, said he wanted to thank all those who had helped from the moment it happened, including emergency services and those who have donated.

"It's just overwhelming and to see the support from people that we know and people that we don't, it just means the world to us people are out there willing to help," he said.

"It bring a smile to our face every day knowing how many people are out there that care and are willing to help us. We are really grateful."

They plan to donate a portion of the money raised to RACQ LifeFlight Rescue.

The couple from Forest Hill were driving home last week when they stopped to help after witnessing the crash at an intersection in Lower Tenthill.

Jake said as his fiancé went to get out of their car with a first aid kit, it appeared that one of the drivers accidentally stood on the accelerator.

The car sped towards theirs Mikaela tried to pull her feet out of the way of the open door but couldn't do so in time.

She was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital by a LifeFlight helicopter.

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