Couple braves the economy to open up shop

One Springfield Lakes couple has braved the current COVID-19 economic climate to open a new coffee shop in Greater Springfield.

Gregory and Vickey Slack recently opened up Coffee Guru Brookwater to an excited community.

“It’s been very good, a lot of local support and a lot of anticipation for our cafe to open,” Mr Slack said.

Mr Slack who is a professional chef said he decided to open up the cafe with his wife after years of working to help other people’s cafe’s run successfully.

“I’ve been a chef for 38 years – I was a qualified chef by the time I was 19,” he said.

“I’ve had catering businesses in Sydney and consulting as well for cafes.

“I saw this opportunity come along and then I thought why not let’s do it.”

The turnaround from construction of the cafe to opening was four months. Mr Slack and his wife bought the business in April and opened up shop on August 17.

Coffee Guru Brookwater
Coffee Guru Brookwater

Mr Slack said the locals ultimately convinced him to open up shop despite the current economic climate.

“We found just talking to the locals that they really wanted a coffee shop to open back up cause the place used to be a Coffee Club,” he said.

“So we weighed everything up and COVID-19 definitely played a part.”

Mr Slack said he initially passed on the initial offer by Coffee Guru to open up a location in Brookwater, but realised their was a hole in the market in Brookwater for a coffee shop.

“I actually turned it down initially cause I thought they were building at a different site, but I’m now glad I’ve opened up.”

Mr Slack said he looked forward to supporting the greater community and encouraged people to visit the cafe.

“We put love in our food and I’m a very passionate chef, not a lot is bought in we try and produce everything here,” he said.