Lettin' it rip: Country singer Josh Arnold on location with his crew for his single
Lettin' it rip: Country singer Josh Arnold on location with his crew for his single "Let's Rise".

Country music icon seeks rural talent

COVID-19 has forced Australians into new ways of life yet for many in rural and remote locations it's just one more curveball they have to survive.

Golden Guitar winning Toowoomba singer/songwriter, Josh Arnold, with his company Small Town Culture has produced 'Build Em Up!' in collaboration with Friends of the Alliance, the National Rural Health Alliance's grassroots network of people and organisations from across rural Australia.

Australians in rural and remote areas answered a call to contribute ideas, lyrics and a song title that Arnold then collated with contributors to produce a unique and optimistic piece of music.

National Rural Health Alliance CEO Dr Gabrielle O'Kane said the response to the musical collaboration had been extremely positive and now was the time for people to get even more involved by sending in a video of themselves performing 'Build 'em up!'.

The project aims to help people in rural communities to lift their spirits during this time of isolation, as well as raise awareness of the benefits of music to improve mental health.

"This song certainly captures that," Dr o'Kane said.

It follows the success of "Better Together", the first collaboration between Josh Arnold, conference delegates and Tasmanian primary school students which was performed at the 15th National Rural Health Conference in Hobart in 2019.

"I love music and I love collaborating with people," he said.

"Music is so important to our lives but more important right now than ever."

"Rural people have just faced the most devastating bushfires and drought and are now looking down the barrel of a worldwide pandemic. This is why I've joined forces with Friends of the Alliance to create a song about hope, resilience and that fighting Aussie spirit."

"Because as you know, people are having a hard time. I can feel it when I'm doing the groceries - yeah, there is a lot of tension out there and the song was made as a pick me up for rural Australia,"

"We're getting lots of photos, a few videos. Keep 'em coming. Be great to have some more videos with a bit of air-guitar or some drums on a bit of farm equipment. Get on the tractor and sing away!"

Send in your videos and photos to josharnoldmusic@gmail.com using a large file sharing website like Wetransfer, Yousendit, Google Drive or Dropbox by Friday May 22.

The official music video for Build Em Up is due out in early June. Get cracking!


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