Councillors break silence on claims 'they should have known'

THREE councillors have responded after Jo-Ann Miller sensationally claimed they should have known about the alleged actions of council senior officers and councillors.

The Member for Bundamba, a long-time critic of the council, said councillors who had been employed for more than one decade should have been more aware of the actions of its leaders.

Two former chief executive officers, mayors and several council employees have been charged by the Crime and Corruption Commission - all deny wrongdoing.

Ms Miller said councillors should have been aware of rumours, which she said have been running hot for several years.

"Most of the councillors have been there for a long time," she said.

"They are equally as culpable in my view because if they didn't know they deserve to get whatever is coming to them."

The state MP excluded councillors elected in the past two years.

The QT put Ms Miller's allegations to all 11 councillors, with three providing responses.

Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke was interviewed by the Crime and Corruption Commission as part of its investigation into Local Government elections.

"The CCC at my interview in my office trolled through all my election donations and my election account, and followed the trail of every withdrawal and cheque written," he said.

"I received from the CCC a letter stating I was no longer required.

"I believe I did everything correctly and more importantly, honestly as per the then electoral and various acts."

Division 4 Councillor Kylie Stoneman, who was elected two years ago, disputed Ms Miller's claim.

"At no time since my election in 2016 have I witnessed any wrongdoing by councillors or council staff," she said.

"I have consistently met my legal, ethical and moral responsibilities to the people of Division 4."

The city's newest councillor, David Martin, was "disappointed" with Ms Miller's comments.

"Ms Miller is tarnishing the reputation of 10 councillors with no charges before them," he said.

"Ms Miller has already been forced to apologise to parliament for misrepresenting the truth, and again it is a misrepresentation of justice to want to sack the whole council for the actions of people who are not currently in council.

"That would be as ludicrous as suggesting she was involved in the Gordon Nuttall scandal when she worked with him."

He said Ms Miller's time would be better served "fighting for the good of Ipswich and getting some much-needed infrastructure to our city".

"She could do this, instead of diverting attention away from the lack of State Government funding to our city by trying to incite fearmongering about council, and our hard-working council staff," he said.

Other councillors did not respond to Ms Miller's claims.