First Ipswich City Council meeting of 2020. Picture: Cordell Richardson
First Ipswich City Council meeting of 2020. Picture: Cordell Richardson

Council votes to provide relief for ratepayers

IPSWICH ratepayers will receive some immediate financial relief after council voted to extend the due date of the April-June 2020 quarterly rate notices.

Residents will now have an extra five weeks before having to pay their rates with the discount due date moving from 14 May to 18 June.

The extended due date will be available to all ratepayers regardless of land use or rating category, meaning the additional period is available to all residential and business properties.

Division one councillor Sheila Ireland moved the motion at Ipswich’s first council meeting this week and it passed unanimously.

“I just think that during this time with the Federal and State Governments offering some sort of relief to residents that it’s a good idea for us to extend the due date for the April June rates notice, to give people a bit of a chance, if they haven’t saved the money, to get ready to pay their rates notice,” she said.

The motion was seconded by division four councillor Russell Milligan.

“I believe that with the various options that we have considered and discussed at length, that this option is the better of all in that it is the most immediate assistance that council can give to ratepayers within the local government area,” he said.

The notices will not be reissued, instead the extended due date for payment will be communicated through media and social media channels as well as through customer interactions.

There are further rate relief options council can consider as part of its overall rate relief response.

Monday’s meeting agenda noted “extending the due date for payment for another five weeks allows council further time to fully consider these other options particularly in the context of next years budget and the dynamic situation we are dealing with.”