New council parking meters will use e-payment

COUNCIL parking meters will be upgraded with new Smart City hardware that can be accessed by watches and phones.

About 110 new parking meters across the Ipswich CBD will feature new e-payment security from July 1.

The new technology will result in parking meters being equipped to take payment using pay wave/pass or cash only. It will no longer be an option to insert a credit card.

Infrastructure and Environment general manager Charlie Dill said council was required to undertake an upgrade of all its meters to remain in line with e-payment security standards set by the banking sector internationally.

Mr Dill said that given recent advancements in smart technology, it was always anticipated that traditional parking meters would be replaced with more advanced technologies.

"While parking meters might be low risk in terms of fraudulent activities, credit card companies require us to modernise our meters as quickly as possible," he said.

"The changes will minimise the risk of fraudulent transactions."

Council's minimum parking fees will remain the same, with payment by Paypass, Paywave, ApplePay or AndroidPay a minimum of $1.40.

Payment by coins remains a minimum 70c. Motorists will still be required to place "pay-and-display" tickets on the dashboard.

Currently, about 55 per cent of motorists use pay wave/pass and about 45 per cent insert credit cards on the meters located between Ipswich Hospital and the Bremer River.