Ipswich City Council have pulled about 20 shopping trolleys from the Bremer River.
Ipswich City Council have pulled about 20 shopping trolleys from the Bremer River. Ipswich City Council

Council pull 20 shopping trolleys from river

IN A blitz, Ipswich City Council have removed "dozens and dozens" of trolleys dumped in the city's river system.

The ugly sight of rusting shopping trolleys in the water also has a huge impact on people's opinions and attitudes to the Bremer River, according to a council spokesperson.

"When they see it full of trolleys they assume it's a polluted dirty river with no value or that no one cares about it," he said.

"With the help of our own city maintenance team, we pulled out nearly 20 rusty shopping trolleys from the town reach.

"We want the City of Ipswich to embrace and value the river as an asset and the first step in that is making it aesthetically pleasing.

"It's proven that people are more likely to actively engage (recreation, volunteer) with a local waterway they perceive as healthy. Conversely waterways perceived as polluted attract further degradation and abandonment."

However, the spokesperson wanted to remind residents council is not strictly responsible for debris in the waterway.

"The Queensland Government owns (Crown land) and has responsibility for the water and the bed of the river - but does not have an active program of management outside maintaining safe navigation," he said.

"As such there is no one picking up litter and debris."

Officers last year collected 11,426 items of litter within Ipswich, including about 2,400 bottles, 500 cans and 1900 food packages.

"The program does not normally collect large items like trolleys but in response to public requests and in line with Clean Up Australia Day, council engaged the clean-up crew to go out and target these trolleys," the spokesperson said.

"While council is happy to help out here for the good of the river and the environment, we strongly urge people not to dump litter or trolleys or waste into our waterways."