Wayne Corbett is concerned about trucks using his road.
Wayne Corbett is concerned about trucks using his road. Cordell Richardson

Residents want crackdown on truckers' dangerous rat run

IPSWICH City Council is investigating claims from Goodna residents that heavy vehicle drivers are taking a potentially dangerous shortcut on their way to the Redbank industrial estate.

Tyre business owner and Brisbane Terrace resident of 27 years, Wayne Corbett, said he had been tracking heavy traffic on the street for the past three years, taking careful note of which trucks had been using the route when they shouldn't be.

It is understood Ipswich City Council has conducted enforcement against offenders in the past, however Mr Corbett said the problem had recently worsened.

"They are mostly coming in from Brisbane, and instead of using the motorway and exiting at Redbank, they are coming up Brisbane Tce," Mr Corbett said.

"If the highway was blocked every now and then I could understand it, but this is a daily occurrence.

"I've seen super-tippers, concrete mixers, light delivery trucks, six-wheelers, eight-wheelers, crane trucks, dump trucks, refrigerated small to semi-trailers to b-doubles, including some with dangerous goods."

The Queensland Times has been told a development permit condition prohibiting the use of Brisbane Tce east of Monash Rd applies to the newer logistics, freight, and other new industries in the new industrial estate at Redbank.

The condition does not apply to other historic industries that were already established in the area, however.

In a response to questions from The Queensland Times, a council spokesperson said they were aware of the complaint from Brisbane Tce residents and were investigating it further.

"Council has received a complaint regarding the use of heavy vehicles on Brisbane Tce," the spokesperson said.

"Council is currently investigating this complaint and is contacting various operators and owners in relation to their development approval conditions.

"Should there be non-compliance with their approvals, appropriate enforcement actions will be undertaken."

Lifelong Goodna resident Reg O'Dea, a neighbour of Mr Corbett, said he believed heavy vehicles should be completely diverted away from the area.

"There's a spot on the old railway overpass at Redbank where if a b-double goes through it takes out the whole road," Mr O'Dea said.

"One day there is going to be a major accident there involving two large vehicles coming together on the bridge.

"It's definitely a serious safety risk.

"I think all trucks need to be diverted across the new bridge that joins with Monash Rd."