Council endorses new recycling as 'emergency' contract ends

AN AGREEMENT for Visy Paper to continue collecting Ipswich's recycling will be signed as the emergency contract rapidly endorsed during last year's waste drama nears its end.

It has been almost one year since Ipswich City Council made national headlines for its short-lived announcement that all recycling would be send to landfill.

To avoid the scenario, the council executed emergency procurement powers under the Local Government Regulation and entered into a one-year arrangement with Visy Paper to process recyclate.

With that agreement due to end in April, a proposal to again enter into a contract with Visy Paper has been put before the Environment Committee of Ipswich City Council.

Endorsed, it will go to the general meeting next week for sign-off by administrator Greg Chemello.

The endorsement will allow Mr Chemello to enter into a contract with Visy Paper for household recycling on the same terms and conditions as the current contract with the waste company.

A spokesman for the council said residents should not expect changes to their recycling.

"Current practices, including glass drop-off instead of being put into the yellow top bin, will continue under the current arrangements," he said.

"Any changes will be dependent on the outcomes of the regional expressions of interest process under way ."