Council candidates reveal political party affiliations

SEVERAL Ipswich council candidates in the March 2020 elections have admitted to political party affiliations.

Mayoral candidate Teresa Harding was the first to admit her affiliation with the LNP, having run in two federal elections in the past six years.

"People know my politics. I'm not hiding it," she said.

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"I've got a few good contacts that I can call on. I know how the system works. I detest the thought of politics at the local level."

Fellow candidate Gary Duffy has been the member of multiple parties over the years.

"I don't have any current ones at all. I started out as a member of the Labor party in the 1970s and then when a bit of corruption happened around that I couldn't stand the Labor party anymore," he said.

"I did nothing for a while. I had a look at setting up a political party in the late-'80s and then I just didn't do anything."

Mr Duffy said he's helped the Liberal and National parties and was a member of the Palmer United Party for a few months. He was a One Nation member for about eight months, too.

"I'm not a member of the party anymore," he said. "I give people a hand at elections. I've given the Liberal Party a hand and the Nationals. If it came to it I would give Jo-Ann Miller a hand because I help people who I believe in," he said.

Former councillor and mayoral candidate, David Martin said he had never been a member of a political party and has no plans to be.

Kate Kunzelmann, who is campaigning for division four, said she is an "out and proud" member of the Labor Party but she said she won't be getting any help for her campaign.

"I've been an ordinary member. I've helped at elections and I go to regular party meetings, no question," she said.

"I'm not being supported by the (Australian) Labor Party, I'm certainly not getting any money or resources from them, we just have to wait and see what people think.

"One way you can look at (party membership) is I've been interested in what happens in my community and I've been an active person working out what's going on and what needs to be done."

"The practical outcome of this is that some people from the Labor party will no doubt help me because they're my friends.

"(Ms Harding) will find the same people from the Liberal Party will help her as well; they'll know her and know whether she's supporting."

Division three hopeful James Fazl is also a known member of the LNP.

"(But) as a candidate I am running 100 per cent independent without any political party support," he said.

"I am a member of the LNP. However, the party is not endorsing or supporting me in any way. My vision and all of my policies are putting the needs of the Ipswich people first."

The latest candidate to announce independently, James Pinnell said he is a lapsed member of the ALP but will run independently. Ashley Barber for division four also claims no political affiliations.