American gridiron could soon be played regularly in Ipswich again.
American gridiron could soon be played regularly in Ipswich again. Dave Noonan

Cougars on mission to boost club at Norths

GRIDIRON: The Western Cougars are looking to revitalise their sport in Ipswich.

The Cougars, with a proud history in Ipswich, recently underwent an organisational refocus.

The club is offering an eight-week youth program that starts on October 9, from 5.30pm, at Cribb Park at North Ipswich Leagues Club.

A major part of the restructuring was to bring the team back to Ipswich.

Club official David Haug said the Leagues Club was excited to have gridiron at the Oval. He supports the Cougars' growth.

"The major factors in growing the sport are coaching, management, and facility support,'' he said.

"The North Ipswich Leagues Club provides wonderful training grounds and management are working closely with the club to ensure stability and longevity.''

Manager James Cowlishaw also supported the rebirth of the Cougars.

"Ipswich has a proud sporting history,'' Cowlishaw said.

"Re-establishing the club and ensuring it is here to stay is great for both Ipswich and the development of gridiron in Queensland.

"Support for the club has been positive and we look forward to future success.”

The youth program will be coordinated by current Gridiron Queensland Sundevils State and Brisbane Rhinos head coach John Booker.

Booker brings elite level experience that includes the NFL in America and top level European competition abroad.

"We have a few good players from Ipswich with the Rhinos and they go through a lot to travel to play for us,'' Brooker said of working with the Cougars.

"Bringing the sport back to Ipswich is going to be great for them but most importantly give the opportunity for other many more aspiring athletes.

"Helping the Cougars get back to playing is an exciting opportunity for myself and is great for the sport. Giving back and helping others is important to me and Ipswich deserves to have a gridiron club to serve its community.''

The youth program is step one in the club regaining its place as one of the top clubs in Gridiron Queensland.

A strong start to the youth program will show the program is ready to thrive and get back to former glory. The current structure looks promising and we are excited to see the club develop and become a part of Ipswich's successful athletic community.

Registration has begun for the eight-week program, designed for children under the age of 14.

Each member will receive a free kids meal voucher at North Ipswich Leagues Club as part of registering.

For more information, visit cougarsgridiron