Crazy Kawasaki rider David John Robinson was busted riding 168kmh
Crazy Kawasaki rider David John Robinson was busted riding 168kmh

Costly mistake for motorcyclist clocked at 168km/h

A DAWN ride landed a two-wheel enthusiast with a $1254 fine when he was snapped speeding along a highway at 168km/hour a few days before Christmas.

However, Kawasaki rider David Robinson told an Ipswich court he did not believe he put anyone else in danger when speeding at 4.20am on the Centenary highway at Springfield.

David John Robinson, 51, a business owner from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to speeding on December 19 last year with a speed of 168km/h in a 100km speed zone.

Prosecutor Sergeant Molinaro said camera footage from a mounted camera trailer was being reviewed when it depicted a rider on a black Kawasaki speeding on the Centenary highway at 4.20am with a speed of 168km/h.

When tracked to his home Robinson told police he was unaware of his speed, saying he’d only endangered himself.

Sgt Molinaro said if dealt with as a traffic infringement notice he would be fined $1245 and a loss of 8 points.

She said a high-speed suspension was imposed immediately by the Department of Transport.

“I plead guilty,” Robinson told the court.

“I was surprised when confronted by the evidence. Cannot dispute it given the photographic evidence.

“I’ve had no other interaction with the courts in the past 20 years other than jury duty.”

Magistrate David Shepherd queried his suggestion that no one was likely to be hurt or affected.

“It is not entirely victimless. If you hit the deck at 160km/h there are consequences for other people you need to consider,” he said.

“Yes. I can assure you it was unintentional,” Robinson said.

“I’ve been operating heavy vehicles. I haven’t had an accident yet.”

Mr Shepherd said he did, however, have history of speeding offences.

“This will cost you,” he said, imposing the $1245 fine