SHOPPERS can't get enough of Costco.

NewRoy Morgan reserach shows Costco as Australia's leading discount department store with a customer satisfaction of 88.6% in July. That was just ahead of rivals Target on 88.5% and Kmart on 88.4%.

The results are the latest from Roy Morgan's Discount Department Store Satisfaction Report which is based on in-depth personal interviews conducted face-to-face with over 50,000 Australians per annum in their own homes, including more than 9,000 interviews with people who shop at a discount department store in an average four weeks.

It come as Costco's newest store was promised to open at Bundamba on November 29.

The $50 million construction project will create about 90 jobs and on completion, Costco will employ about 280 full-time and part-time workers when doors open.

Costco Australia managing director Patrick Noone said the Citiswich business area cashed in on large catchment areas from Brisbane to the Western corridor as well as regional towns.

"We are delighted to be part of the strong economic growth story in South East Queensland and believe our outlet will boost economic activity and further activate Citiswich Business Park," he said.

Developer Walker Corporation Queensland general manager Peter Saba the signing was a major coup for Ipswich and the Walker Corporation as the US giant was looking at a range of sites around Brisbane.

"We believe that Costco will draw more tenants to Citiswich as the outlet will attract families and businesses from across South East Queensland," Mr Saba said.

Costco's North Lakes store opened in 2014, bringing more competition to market and driving down prices, most notably in the fuel sector.

This is commonly referred to as "the Costco effect" which has been clearly displayed at the North Lakes store. "We will have the lowest prices and it's up to others to compete with that," Mr Noone said.

Costco Cult shoppers share their best are worst buys

WHAT'S Costco have that other supermarkets don't?

Apart from 'Costco Crack' and the promise of members being able to secure their place in the Costco Cult, there are super-sized American treats Ipswich shoppers have not seen in local stores before.

Costco bloggers, also known as self-confessed Costco Geeks, recommend snapping up every kind of bacon there is - bulk buy, bacon crumbles and pre-cooked bacon are in store.

Hot chocolate and marshmallow sachets Swiss Miss, also known as 'Costco Crack' is an international favourite as are pretzel rolls and dried mangos.

In the next aisle, an eight-foot high teddy bear is waiting to be taken home.

Shoppers can also snap up a life-time supply of vanilla, 473ml, dark chocolate covered potato chips, pre-made skillet mac, brownie brittle, peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, bake at home sour dough and acai bowls.

In the super-sized department, there is a litre of maple syrup, a 'sheet' of cake and boxes of 20 protein bars.

Professional Costco shoppers recommend steering the giant trollies clear of super-sized food packages that will spoil before they get eaten.

Usual culprits in the 'too big' aisle are coffee and and things that take up too much room in the pantry, like 3l bottles of olive oil and 7l of laundry detergent.