COSTCO expert Linda Carter has spent years fine-tuning her super-sized shopping tactics.

Here's here guide for Costco first-timers in surviving their trip to the Bundamba warehouse later this year:

Make sure you have plenty of time and preferably no children with you.

Wear comfortable shoes!

Initially walk around the warehouse without a trolley.

Pause, have a hot-dog and think about what you really need. Then grab the trolley and get to it.

You will probably spend twice as much as you planned to.

The "take and bake" pizzas are a great deal, but may be too big for your oven.

Costco manners:

Costco fans keen for new store opening. Linda Carter.
Costco fans keen for new store opening. Linda Carter. Cordell Richardson

Take care in the carpark. Even though the parking spaces at Costco are extra large, it's best no to get overconfident.

Don't try to smuggle in more mates than the rules allow and don't expect them to be able to shop with their own EFTPOS or credit card. Don't get mad at the staff for following the rules. It's their job.

When Costco first opens, it will be very crowded. Bring your smile, your manners and respect other people's space bubble. Do not run your trolley into the back of other people's legs.

Don't stand in the middle of the aisle and chat to your friend. Pull over to the left side and let others pass.

Keep your trolley on the left side of the isle, and keep moving. Do your texting after you shop!

Free food samples are one of the best joys of Costco. Please note that they are meant to be samples, not a meal. Use your manners, take one only, say "Thank you!" and move along. Teach your kids to do the same. Costco staff cannot serve samples to children, due to risk of food allergies, so serve your darlings yourself.

In the food court, pull your trolley in close to allow others to pass by. Don't make it an obstacle course. Even better, eat before you shop, it's better for the budget!