Alan Macsporran
Alan Macsporran

Corruption buster to make call on Trad probe

THE head of Queensland's corruption watchdog will today reveal if he will exempt himself from any potential investigation into Treasurer Jackie Trad.

Crime and Corruption Commission chairman Alan MacSporran said he would wait until today's Budget Estimates hearing to respond to criticism of a call Ms Trad made to him just days after the LNP had complained over her husband's purchase of a Woolloongabba investment property.

The $695,000 property is located along the $5. 4 billion Cross River Rail route - Ms Trad's key project - sparking potential conflict of interest allegations.

The LNP has written to Mr MacSporran requesting a Queen's Counsel take over the handling of the referrals to the CCC instead.

The Chair said he expected to be asked questions at today's hearing about the "content and the appropriateness" of the phone call.

"Considering this matter was first raised in an estimates hearing, I will not be making any public statement about this matter and the subsequent suggestions that my independence, or this agency's independence, has been compromised until I appear before the Estimates hearing myself," he said.

Ms Trad referred herself to the CCC a day after making the call to Mr MacSporran.

She has insisted it was simply a courtesy call and nothing untoward.


Jackie Trad
Jackie Trad



Alan MacSporran
Alan MacSporran




Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has so far refused to guarantee she will stand Ms Trad aside from her role as treasurer and deputy premier should the CCC decide to launch an investigation, saying yesterday it was "not at that stage at the moment".

"I don't even know if it's under assessment yet. It's just been forwarded so I'll wait to see what the information is," she said.

"At the moment it hasn't even been assessed, so let's wait and see where it's at."

Ms Trad also yesterday refused to guarantee if she will voluntarily stand aside, insisting she would respond if an investigation was called.

"Let's deal with that if it happens," Ms Trad said.

"All of the matters are before the CCC. I will let them do their job."

Transport Minister Mark Bailey was yesterday officially handed responsibility for Cross River Rail with Ms Trad withdrawing from any decision making on the project until the integrity scandal is resolved.

He was previously temporarily stood aside from cabinet amid a State Archivist and CCC investigation in 2017 about his use of a private email account before he was ultimately cleared of corrupt conduct and reinstated.

Opposition justice spokesman David Janetzki said Ms Trad had put Mr MacSporran in an untenable position when she called him on the weekend.

"I don't question the integrity or the independence of Mr MacSporran," he said.

"What I doubt and question is the integrity of Jackie Trad."