Coronavirus petrol pump warning: Is it real?


HOAX social media messages have spread fears coronavirus is being spread at petrol pumps.

Twitter posts and Whatsapp messaged supposedly from NHS nurses have been shared warning people to wear gloves to prevent "rapid spreading".

But Public Health England have dispelled that petrol pumps specifically are a worry.

A spokesperson said: "Petrol pumps are no worse than other surfaces, although we do recommend people use gloves and wash their hands after using them."

The killer virus can linger on stainless steel or plastic surfaces for around 72 hours.

This means people should be vigilant about not touching surfaces and then their faces incase an infected person has previously come into contact with them.

Warnings were reportedly issued by medical staff for the public to wear gloves at petrol stations to protect themselves and others.

One such message shared: "A senior nurse at the Queen Elizabeth believes the virus is spreading rapidly through people using petrol pumps.

"She asks that if you need to fill your car up use gloves or a paper towel and then bin them. Please pass this on."


In response the Irish Petroleum Industry Association released a statement.

It said: "We wanted to inform customers that pump handles are no more or less prone to the spread of infection than any other hard surface and to outline the significant steps we are taking to combat the spread of Covid-19 and keep our valued customers safe.

"We are following all advice from the HSE and relevant authorities and would ask our valued customers to do the same.

"Please wash or sanitise your hands before and after using fuel pumps and/or wear gloves.

"Wherever possible our members are providing hand sanitiser as well as gloves and paper towels for use at the fuel pumps and we respectfully ask all customers to use only what they need and to leave supplies for others."

This story first appeared here in The Sun and is used with permission