Corden stunned after guest calls him out


TALK show host James Corden appeared momentarily lost for words during a recent episode of The Late Late Show, when a guest called him out for not listening properly.

Corden was interviewing former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson, and was asking the star about another band he'd joined pre-fame.

"I was about 14 when I first (got into the band). I've actually got the name of the band tattooed on my legs. It was a special part of my life," Tomlinson said of his pre-One Direction days.

"Right. And how old were you at this point?" Corden asked.

"14, when I first started - just said that," Tomlinson shot back.


Corden seemed stunned.
Corden seemed stunned.


‘Just said that.’
‘Just said that.’

The surprising retort earned big laughs from fellow guests John Lithgow and Rebecca Ferguson - but a more muted reaction from Corden himself, who appeared stunned and unsure of what to say.

"Some people never listen, James," said Lithgow as the host sat, shaking his head. "It's a talk show, it's not a listen show."

Tomlinson this week announced he'll follow in the footsteps of several of his former One Direction bandmates with an Australian tour booked for April next year. He will perform at Sydney's Big Top on April 25 and Melbourne's Palais Theatre on April 27.

In a statement, the singer - whose latest releases have failed to dent the singles charts - admitted he'd struggled to carve out an identity as a solo artist after his group's disbandment.


Louis Tomlinson is heading down under next year.
Louis Tomlinson is heading down under next year.

"I feel like a new artist now. It's taken a while for me to be comfortable on my own, to learn to trust my gut and make sure I get what I want. I feel the most confident I've ever been, both as a songwriter and a singer, and the most mature," he said in a statement.

"Of course I want to be successful, but what matters is what my music means to me and what it means to the fans. That's the priority. The rest we'll have to wait and see."

Tomlinson's musical efforts come after a tragic few years for the 27-year-old: His sister Félicité was found dead at her home in March, aged just 18. An inquest later found she had accidentally overdosed on cocaine, an anxiety drug and painkillers.

It comes after his mum Johannah died from leukaemia in 2016.