CONCERNING THEFT: Childers police are searching for three guns stolen from a Cordalba farm.
CONCERNING THEFT: Childers police are searching for three guns stolen from a Cordalba farm. Contributed

Cops on hunt for guns, ammo stolen from farm

THREE guns and ammunition are unaccounted for, with police are to identify whose hands they have fallen into after they were stolen from a rural property yesterday.

Childers Police are investigating the theft of the weapons from a Cordalba farm, with two rifles and a shot gun missing.

Now a two-pronged investigation, Childers police officer-in-charge Sergeant Geoff Fay said their inquires would focus on the break-in and theft, as well as whether the weapons were stored securely.

Alarmingly, Sgt Fay said there was an underground market for weapons, with guns stolen across the state on a weekly basis. He said about 12 months ago at gun pinched from Childers was found in Brisbane as part of investigations into a murder.

Most recently, these three guns, a Stirling 22 rifle, Voere 22 long rifle and Voere 12 gauge shotgun, as well as ammunition and a gun belt, were taken sometime between 4pm Tuesday and 5pm on Wednesday.

"Offenders have entered onto the property and gone to the open-bay farm shed and accessed the gun safe, removed the weapons and a quantity of ammunition," Sgt Fay said.

"Police are conducting an investigation into the offence itself - we don't have any suspects at this point - and also the security arrangement the owner of the property had for his weapons - whether the safe was locked or not locked at the time."

As the investigation continues, Sgt Fay said it wasn't clear whether this was an opportunistic or targeted crime, with the guns the only items taken from a shed filled with other items.

"Vehicles, tools and other property hasn't been stolen, just the guns from the gun safe," he said.

Sgt Fay said the guns' owner was licenced appropriately, however there were stringent requirements about how licenced weapons need to be stored.

"Licence holders are responsible to maintain the security of their weapons," he said.

Sgt Fay said if weapons were able to be stolen as a result of owner's lax security, they could also face charges.

"Any time weapons are stolen they've fallen into the wrong hands. What the intention of these people is, we don't know, "he said.

"Any unlicensed person in possession of firearms is of concern to police.

"This is one of the reason why the storage requirements are so stringent.

"Every year there are a number of occasions where weapons are stolen and it's a real concern."

Anyone with information can call Childers police on 4192 1444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.