Mobile speed camera on the Warrego Highway near Minden.
Mobile speed camera on the Warrego Highway near Minden. Dominic Elsome

COP IT SWEET: No time for speeding whingers

I AM afraid I'll have to take an unpopular view here.

What does it matter if roadside speed cameras are not set up in clear view of drivers?

It's pretty simple. Don't speed.


Don't speed because it will land you a fine, or worse-case scenario, could contribute to our mounting road death tally.

Of course we're not all angels and I suggest very few of us never slip over the speed limit by a few km/h here and there.

And, yes, it stings when you get done for driving a few km/h over the limit.

But if you travel over the limit and you get caught, you should cop the fine sweet.

Perhaps it is having seen too many idiots on the roads. Maybe it is hearing people's ridiculous claims in court about why they break the law, but my tolerance for people blaming others is at an all time low.

And if you are speeding and a road speed camera picks that up, regardless of whether or not you could see the camera, it's your fault.

Pay the fine, cop the points and move on.