A COOL change is expected to move over Ipswich this week following an unseasonably warm weekend.

Cloudy conditions today will trap a warm temperatures over the city but fresh mornings and chilly day time maximums will move in from tomorrow.

This morning dropped down to a 9C minimum with temperatures increasing to 28C throughout the day.

Fog in Ipswich on Monday morning.
Fog in Ipswich on Monday morning. Rob Williams

Early morning fog will make way for a medium chance of showers and patchy rain developing in the afternoon and evening.

Bureau of Meteorology forecasters expect the chance of a thunderstorm in the late afternoon and evening.

Tuesday morning will be slightly cooler, dipping down to 6C and increasing to 24C during the day while sunny conditions will help return overnight minimums to a chilly 2C on Wednesday and Thursday.

Day time temperatures will peak at 24C on Wednesday and 25C on Thursday.

Temperatures in Boonah will range between 8C and 26C today, with a medium chance of showers and patchy rain in the afternoon, dropping down to 4C on Tuesday with day time maximums of 22C.

Wednesday will cool off significantly in Boonah, with temperatures between 1C and 23C and the chance of inland morning frost.

In Gatton temperatures will range between 10C and 28C today with the chance of isolated showers, 6C and 23 on Tuesday and 3C and 23C on Wednesday.