A convicted rapist has been handed a longer jail term after pleading guilty to a sexual assault offence committed while he was on bail.
A convicted rapist has been handed a longer jail term after pleading guilty to a sexual assault offence committed while he was on bail.

Convicted rapist attacked woman in her own yard

A PREDATOR who spotted a woman he had seen previously at a hotel sexually assaulted her in the yard of her own home.

A court this week heard Rory O'Brien was already on bail for three counts of rape relating to another woman at the time.

Both the victims were strangers to him.

Appearing from jail before Ipswich District Court on Thursday, Rory Henry O'Brien, 28, was convicted and sentenced for one count of sexually assaulting a 63-year-old woman on May 9, 2019. The offence occurred in the Lockyer Valley.

Crown prosecutor Amanda Robinson said O'Brien was convicted of the three rapes and a related burglary offence and received an eight-year jail term. The sentence was imposed by Judge Dennis Lynch QC in the Ipswich District Court last September.

Ms Robinson said the previous rapes involved O'Brien entering an Ipswich house to commit burglary but when the young woman returned home he raped her.

The unrelated sexual assault took place some months later after a 63-year old woman left a hotel alone.

After arriving back at home she heard a noise and went to investigate.

She discovered O'Brien in the yard who falsely claimed she had invited him over.

The woman told him she did not and told him to leave.

She again rebuffed him and quickly began to walk inside her house.

Ms Robinson said O'Brien then touched her on the waist, with the victim saying, "get away from me".

O'Brien grabbed the bottom of her skirt and lifted it up.

She was able to pull away and flee inside.

Police were called and O'Brien at first denied being at the house or touching the woman.

"It is another example of him touching a female stranger. She was outside her dwelling," Ms Robinson said.

Defence barrister Stephen Kissick handed up a psychological report on O'Brien and argued that no further jail penalty should be added to his current sentence.

Mr Kissick said that if the assault had been dealt with at the same time as the sentence in September for the rapes, Judge Lynch  would not have imposed a higher penalty.

He said O'Brien had eligibility to apply for parole after he served two years and eight months.

"It would be unjust to impose a greater penalty in this case," Mr Kissick said.

He also sought that no change be made to the existing eligibility date when he can begin making his parole application.

Judge Lynch said the case was unrelated to the rape offences he dealt with previously and it required a separate penalty.

"She had seen you earlier at a hotel. She went home," Judge Lynch said.

"You confronted her in her yard. Grabbed her around the waist from behind.

"When she told you to go away you lifted up her skirt."

Judge Lynch said her victim impact statement shows the assault had an emotional impact leaving her with feelings of being vulnerable and unsafe.

"It was frightening to her," he said.

Judge Lynch said both the offences involved vulnerable females alone at their homes.

He noted that O'Brien had an unfortunate upbringing, saying it was of some concern that he had not offended until these sexual offences at the age of 26.

O'Brien was sentenced to a four-month jail term, which was added on to his eight-year term. His parole eligibility date for the rape offences was extended by one month, to February 2022.