Convention centre must be more than a pretty picture


IPSWICH residents are tired of plans, tired of drawings and tired of promises.

Vital infrastructure such as roads, public transport, health services and social services are not keeping pace with this unprecedented population growth.

We need a city-building project, a landmark facility that Ipswich residents can follow from the turning of the first sod to its opening.

While the population grows, few transformational projects are following.

Ipswich requires a heart, a soulful building we can be proud of.

The convention centre atop the hill at the showgrounds will be that vision.

Years of inaction by politicians, particularly councillors, has left the project at nothing more than a scale model in council offices.

The show society is serious about getting a world-class venue up and running.

The cash has been allocated and first steps are being taken to ensure it gets off the ground.

Residents will not tolerate another pie-in-the-sky idea sketched on A3.

With the drive of Darren Zanow and his vision to have the project shovel-ready by February, this looks like this project will be one we can get behind, for real.