IN THE midst of a global pandemic, the Toowoomba Regional Council has taken it upon itself to put the Carnival of Flowers before the extraordinary lengths the State and Federal governments have gone to in order to protect the people from COVID-19.

So far the Darling Downs has been very fortunate, but complacency is our enemy. It is blatantly obvious that if you bring thousands of people into our catchment, visiting multiple venues, it is more than likely we will become a COVID hot spot.

Unfortunately (for us), there is no one who takes this council to task as there is no opposition to question them, therefore, they do not have to be fully transparent in any way shape or form.

This local band of government is answerable to no-one and the only reason they remain in the council is because there has been no-one of substance to challenge them in past elections.

However, this pandemic is on another level and therefore, our council should not have the right to put the tourist dollar before our health because they have become complacent to this lethal virus.

H. QUINN, Toowoomba