This is an artist's impression of what the Yeppoon water play feature could look like when it's finished in early November. Photo Contributed
This is an artist's impression of what the Yeppoon water play feature could look like when it's finished in early November. Photo Contributed Contributed

Concerns raised on lack of input for Yeppoon Foreshore

YEPPOON'S Vanessa Rauluni feels the Livingstone Shire Council have unnecessarily rushed the start of the Yeppoon Foreshore development.

When the local mother-of-four walks past Yeppoon's beachfront all she sees is potential for amazing green spaces and she is concerned that the council are starting projects before the foreshore Masterplan is finalised and without community engagement.

Vanessa attended Livingstone's council meeting on Tuesday to find out why there had been, in her opinion, a lack of community consultation on the project.

"My concern is that this development is a done deal without the council even considering community ideas," she said.

"In the council meeting, Councillor Adam Belot asked the table if they could delay the works on the amphitheatre for 60 days to allow for some real community consultation and input. So far only the views of very small cross-section of our community have been considered.

"The councillors acknowledged in the meeting that it wasn't the best design they could have come up with, but that the community expected them to deliver something. I'd rather have an amazing, well thought out and community inspired foreshore than a project hastily put together just for the sake of two events that could easily occur without the proposed amphitheatre.

"We're all thrilled to see foreshore improvements, the beachfront is our greatest asset, but I don't think that we have looked at all that can be achieved in this space.

She wants the council to engage more with the people who live here, "the people who'll be using these facilities''.

"Let's get it done right the first time,'' she said.

Cr Belot's motion to delay the works for 60 days was opposed by the table of councillors, despite councillor Glenda Mather seconding his motion.

Cr Belot said the objective of his motion was to slow the process down to ensure the concerns of community members were heard.

"I would be surprised if any elected councillor would want to deny people the opportunity to contribute if they felt strongly enough to do so," he said yesterday.

"My objective was to allow a delay in the contract to build the actual projects for up to 60 days to allow further consultation. I'm not saying the current design is good, bad or indifferent but when you're hearing people have concerns and issues, we should address that.

"There was a clear acknowledgement by the table that the process hadn't been as clear as it should have been. I'd rather say to the community 'it's not ready' and get it right because it's going to be there for 50 years.

"There is a cost attributed to the project if it's not ready by Christmas which is between $10,000 and $20,000 and I recognise that but I don't think it's good governance to rush this process purely because we've got an event coming up.

"This is going to be built by the people, for the people and more time is what the people are asking for."