Concerns for Defence members and veterans following report



Following the release of the Brereton report, we urge current serving ADF members, veterans and their families to reach out for support if they need it.


It's imperative that if anyone is feeling isolated or distressed at the moment, that they don't go through it alone.


Suicide rates and mental health issues are significantly higher among veterans in Australia, compared to the general population, so reaching out for help is crucial.


At Mates4Mates, we have a range of support services, including psychology appointments and social connection activities to provide veterans with a supportive community.


Open Arms also provide 24-hour care via 1800 011 046, and Lifeline on 13 11 14.


This year has already been challenging for so many Australians, and added pressure can exacerbate mental health issues. Please reach out today.


Mates4Mates can be contacted on 1300 462 837 or


Troy Watson

CEO, Mates4Mates