'Concerning trend' as Ipswich, Springfield buses run late

NEW figures have revealed Ipswich's bus service is the most unreliable in southeast Queensland.

The quarterly TransLink Tracker reveals 84.74 per cent of buses on the western network, Ipswich and Springfield, were not on-time in the first quarter of this year.

A service is classed on-time if it arrives within six minutes after or two minutes before the scheduled arrival time.

Rail Back on Track spokesman Robert Dow said long-term trends revealed on-time running was "getting worse".

The number of on-time services in Ipswich and Springfield has fallen from 94.75 per cent in late 2017.

The number of people using the western bus network increased from 641,025 the last quarter to 678,661 in the January to March quarter.

Mr Dow said the bus network needed urgent upgrades.

"The southern, western and Brisbane bus regions are years behind in essential reform," he said.

"At a minimum there needs to be timetable adjustments to cope with the reality of the lack of bus priority and worsening road traffic.

"Delays to the bus often mean passengers are not able to make their connections to further modes, particularly rail.

"This can add literally hours to journey times."

Mr Dow said, unlike major rail infrastructure, bus upgrades could be done quickly and cheaper.

"Bus reform can deliver very good results and it does not cost billions of dollars," he said.

About 13,000 fare evasion warnings were given across the network.