CONCERN: EFTPOS failing for some Cashless Debit Card users

EVERY week, Hervey Bay's Kathryn Wilkes hears from Hinkler residents on the Cashless Debit Card whose Indue cards have failed while out shopping.

What results is what she says is a frustrating and embarrassing experience for people who just want to be able to provide groceries for their families.

Earlier this month, Aldi's Hervey Bay outlet had issues processing the card, leaving those trying to use EFTPOS out of options as they were unable to draw money.

Ms Wilkes, a disability support pensioner who is not on the card, has taken up the cause for thousands of people who have received it.

Recently it had been reported that Indue recipients had found ways around the the card, buying gift cards from outlets in order to buy prohibited items such as alcohol.

Ms Wilkes said she was aware of such activities but would not comment on what had worked for Indue users because she felt that preventing them from purchasing gift cards and using other "workarounds" tin an effort to beat the card was a breach of their rights.

The department was aware that Aldi in Hervey Bay was temporarily unable to process Cashless Debit Card transactions at one terminal on August 1.

Cashless Debit Card transactions were able to be processed at other Aldi terminals.

The department was advised that the issue has been resolved.

Other stores and Aldi terminals within the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay region do not appear to have been affected as Indue card transactions were processed successfully elsewhere during this period.

"Cashless Debit Card participants are encouraged to contact the Department if they are unable to access EFTPOS for extended periods of time," a spokeswoman from the Department of Social Services said.

"The department can approve account transfers in emergencies so people can withdraw their welfare payments from their standard bank account."

The spokeswoman said the department was working with retailers in trial sites to stop "workarounds".

"The department has identified that some stores in the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay region stock Vanilla cards and is working to block their sale," she said.