OPINION: Complaints make life interesting

THE ELECTIONS always bring with it a host of complaints that the media was biased in its coverage.

We received our few and I dare say every newspaper in Queensland also fielded some.

We can only try to be fair and equitable in our coverage before elections, but as we all know you can't please everyone.

I was even told by one candidate that he didn't need the Queensland Times because his campaign was going so well on social media.

Yes you guessed it this candidate got smashed out of the ball park.

But it is not just in election time that I have to battle against complaints of bias.

The simple fact is when people have a bee in their bonnet you can't kill it with a baseball bat.

If they believe that any story favoured their opposition more than them look out.

It's the one aspect I don't enjoy as an editor.

It's rare a day goes past when I am not called on to make a decision on which way a story will or won't go.

I base my judgement always on the simple facts, fairness, the need for the public to know and my life's experiences.

I would like to say I always get it right, but I don't.

I can say this, however, if I do get it wrong I will be quick to rectify the issue.

I do sometimes worry why some people continue to fight on and refuse to accept the simple fact they got it wrong.