Springfield Railway Train Station security cameras and car park.
Springfield Railway Train Station security cameras and car park. David Nielsen

You can't park here: Orion

Update:  COMMUTERS thinking they will avoid a parking fine by using the Orion Shopping Centre car park will have to come up with another solution.

An Orion Shopping Centre spokesperson has confirmed the shopping centre car park is for shoppers only.

"As per conditions of entry to Orion Springfield Central's car park, commuter parking is not permitted," the spokesperson said.

"The car park is a facility servicing the convenience of retailers and customers."

Yesterday Ipswich City Council confirmed they were putting commuters parking on grassed areas and nature strips on notice for future fines and had issued more than 100 warnings.

They say the crackdown is in the interest of child safety and motorists had two weeks notice before fines will be issued.

Parking at the station has long been an issue and a new Park n Ride facility with 650 new parks set to be built by 2022 can't come soon enough.

Earlier: COMMUTERS parking at the Springfield Central Train Station have been warned not to park on the grassed areas around the station.

About 100 warnings have been issued to motorists parking on nature strips and pathways, the first in three years for one Springfield woman.

Ipswich City Council say the crackdown is in the interest of child safety and those who are deemed to be threatening the safety of children and motorists by parking on walkways or grassed areas near the station will be given two weeks to find a safer option.

Ipswich City Council CEO Sean Madigan said representatives of nearby Springfield Anglican College had raised concerns that a footpath connecting the school and the station was being used to park and drive cars.

"There is currently a two-week warning in place which puts people on notice," Mr Madigan said.

"On Friday (September 7), 108 warning tickets were pinned to the windshields of cars - each of them with a $0 payment. Nobody has yet been fined.

"Council jurisdiction presides over areas surrounding the station's official car park. Unfortunately however, the issue of parking spaces at Springfield Central Station is under State Government jurisdiction.

"Obviously, council supports any move to either increase the number of parking spaces at or near the station, or the introduction of improved bus services which would encourage greater use of public transport.

"Council's main concern at this point in time is the safety of children and motorists. We've been told there have been some near misses, and we don't want it to take a tragedy before encouraging people to do the right thing."

Mr Madigan also said cars illegally parked alongside the adjacent road have long been a traffic hazard.

Furious commuters have vented on Facebook about the issue saying there's no where else to park.

Member for Jordan Charis Mullen has been successful in gaining funding for a further 650 car parks for the station, but they won't be built for another four years.

Ms Mullen is now campaigning for the car park to be built earlier.

"I've had a few people contact the office (in relation to the warnings)," Ms Mullen said.

Ms Mullen said she would raise the issue this week when she meets with Ipswich City Council administrator Greg Chemello.

Rail back on Track Spokesman Robert Dow said there was no other option for people, except to drive if they weren't allowed to park on the grass.

He said parking was an issue at most south east train stations.

"It's a bit unfortunate, there's not enough parking."

Mr Dow also said the bus network was "pretty poor" in Springfield and feeder buses that went directly to the station were needed.

"Springfield would be ideal for special local feeder buses, they could be electric, to support rail and take the parking pressure away.

"Unless they provide an alternative, if they can't park they will have to drive."

Mr Dow said the new park and ride set to be completed in 2022 would be full the day it opened.

"It's not really a long term solution. We've got to change this paradigm, you can't keep expanding park n ride. The average cost is $30-50,000 per parking space."