COMMENT: Taking the fun out of motoring

RAPID advancements in technology could one day mean that not being able to reverse park, recognise danger right in front of your eyes or even drive in a straight line won't present a problem for other motorists.

Regardless of whether or not you personally approve, it certainly is an exciting time for the automotive industry.

Only a couple of weeks ago I listened to a serious conversation on talk-back radio about the possibility of driverless cars one day ferrying us all around, allowing us time to do more important things such as watch cat videos on You Tube. Images of those irritating Johnnie Cabs in the movie Total Recall come to mind.

Thankfully, at this stage, all the fancy equipment succeeds to do is annoy the hell out of anyone who has bought a late-model vehicle.

But how long until they get it right?

If robots are to one day take over all aspects of driving, where is the fun in it for us mere mortals?