COMMENT: Soggy bird left in safe hands

ONE of the often forgotten quirks of living in an area that is still relatively free of heavy development (although this is changing) is the prevalence of wildlife.

We are lucky to have an abundance of things that hop, flop, crawl, bounce and fly in and around Ipswich.

The place I moved into a few years back is bushy has an abundance of pheasant coucals.

Along with the local king parrots, pale-headed rosellas and square-tailed kites, I've kept an eye out for these things and become a bit of a bird geek in the process.

Unfortunately, coucals aren't the strongest fliers in the world and, the other night, one of them ended up stuck under the wire mesh that protects our fish pond.

After lifting him out, we noticed the poor little fella was in a state of suspended animation. It seems he'd flapped himself into exhaustion.

We rang the RSPCA animal ambulance - something we've never had to do before but something we'll definitely do again if the circumstances arise.

Within an hour, a young bloke turned up with a cat cage and a pair of caring hands, and our little waterlogged friend was off to Wacol for some TLC.

First off, I was surprised that the RSPCA cared enough about one bird's well-being that they'd sent an ambulance out. Secondly, I was impressed with how quickly they got there.

It was a good reminder of how lucky we are to live in this area.