Here's what makes Costco so amazing

SHOPPING at Costco is an incredible experience.

I'm not a member but have gone along as a guest. For those not in the know, you can't shop there unless you are a paying member.

Wandering around Costco I managed to find a whole bunch of stuff I didn't need, but all of a sudden desperately wanted, in bulk amounts I could never consume.

Before that visit, I couldn't understand why people went mad for Costco and spent their weekends driving distances just to shop there.

As a person buying for one, Costco is probably not the answer for my weekly grocery shop - though it's a remarkable exercise in people watching. For larger families and businesses, though, I can see its appeal if you are strategic about your buying.

Either way, a number of Ipswich people seem keen on the idea of having one so hopefully Costco gets the message we're keen.