COMMENT: Reminder of how lucky we are

IN THESE times of political unrest and human suffering it is always refreshing to hear a story of how kindness can overcome the very worst that life can throw at people.

Today's page 7 story is a nice reminder that, despite some of the negative views expressed regarding people that arrive on our shores as refugees, Australia on the whole is still a peaceful, welcoming country that makes people from wartorn countries feel secure after years of torment and horror.

The sentiments expressed by Syrian refugee Antwanat Rahebeh in today's story reinforce what we should strive to be; welcoming, respectful, kind, and safe.

They don't call us the lucky country for nothing, but it's not until you hear the stories of people that grew up in places like Syria you realise how lucky you are to have had distant ancestors that decided to take the risk and make a treacherous journey over here by boat many years ago.