COMMENT: Questions need to be answered

AS I said in this column in Saturday's Queensland Times, we would again be asking the Department of Education for more answers around the cross marking bungle that has left up to 15 students (that we know of) in distress.

I am again not satisfied with the responses we have received.

While the department has let us know about what it has done to help the impacted students with regard to tutoring and resitting a piece of assessment, it still has not told us a couple of fundamental things.

Firstly, how this happened. Was it an oversight? Was it because a teacher did not understand the system? Was it because a teacher was suffering with the weight of an unfair work load? Perhaps they were struggling in another ways and needed help. Whatever the cause, it's important that we understand.

This leads me to the second question I believe needs be answered and hasn't - what processes have now been put in place to ensure this doesn't happen again.