COMMENT: Parents stop being so judgemental

ON MONDAY a tragic incident unfolded where a little boy lost his life and a family was left devastated.

This really struck a chord with me as I have a baby around the same age.

Every night when I come home after work and pull into my driveway, I sometimes forget to check my surroundings.

Police believe the toddler's death was a tragic accident.

What happened in this tragic situation could have happened to me or anyone.

So until you are in the same situation, don't judge.

It's awful to see some of the reactions on social media people vilifying the parents and questioning their competency.

How about you have some compassion and send the family your best wishes instead of firing off judgements and wild accusations of bad parenting?

I'm sure the family would never have wished for this to occur and loved their little boy more than life itself.