COMMENT: New blood on council inevitable

WITH another day to go until Ipswich goes to the polls, it would be wrong to pre-empt the result.

What we can ascertain from the polling commissioned by the QT prior to this by-election is that the next mayor is likely to be one of our two long-serving councillors.

If you are one of the many people itching to see some new blood on council, it probably won't be the best news. On the flip side, if we do see either Cr Antoniolli or Cr Tully become the next mayor, there will inevitably be a new face at the chambers.

A by-election would have to be held in either Division 2 or Division 7 within three months.

Regardless of the result, this means that in addition to 2016 arrivals Kylie Stoneman, Kerry Silver and Wayne Wendt, there will be a fourth new face as either our new mayor or a new councillor. We are yet to hear any word on who might be lining up to run in a possible by-election, but the follow up poll could prove to be just as vital as the one being held tomorrow.