COMMENT: Life ban was the only choice

HAVING seen video footage of the sickening incident from last weekend's Aussie Rules game, I can only say that I think the QFA and the Ipswich Eagles made the right decisions in imposing lengthy bans on the player involved.

>> Footy player banned for 'sickening' kick to the head

As anyone who has ever taken the field in a heated sporting contest could attest, brain explosions do happen. From time to time, players lash out at each other, foul each other and say things they wouldn't dream of saying to another person down at the shops on a Saturday morning.

Some people call it white line fever; it's what happens to some people when instincts kick in on the confines of the sporting field.

Those same instincts that cause people to perform acts of brilliance can also cause them to do incredibly stupid things almost without giving it a thought.

But kicking another person in the head while they are lying on the ground; that's a different kettle of fish.

You can't excuse deliberate acts of violence that could easily result in the death or serious injury of another player.

The victim in this incident has taken a huge blow to the head and we can only hope that he makes a full recovery.