COMMENT: It's your time to decide

THE time has come for the people of Ipswich to get serious about who we want to lead us into what promises to be an unprecedented period of change.

Work is already under way to transform the city centre, but the changes across Ipswich in the coming years will be widespread.

New developments on our southern and eastern outskirts - among others - will lead to an influx of new residents and a population boom.

The transition towards higher density estates could well change the way we interact with our neighbours and our community.

Our roads, schools and hospitals will be busier and we'll need more employment opportunities. You might have a few more important issues on your mind.

Work is under way at the QT to organise a series of forums where residents will be able to ask the tough questions, while gaining better insight into what the candidates are all about. Keep reading the QT for confirmation of dates and times.