COMMENT: It is no time to be apathetic

THIS gay marriage plebiscite and a monumental waste of time and money. But in terms of moving this debate forward, it's what we've been lumped with.

Fortunately due to our recent trip to the polls, I'm sure Ipswich voters have up-to-date information with the electoral roll.

If not, time is running out. It only takes a few minutes online to enrol and change your details. Even if you think your details are correct, take 30 seconds to confirm it, today is the last day you can.

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And while I strongly encourage everyone to have their say in this survey - because let's face it that's all it is - whatever the outcome, it won't be the final word.

This discussion is not going to go away if the no vote wins, and if we get the yes vote, there will still be an uphill battle for these laws to change.

Despite this, it's not the time for apathy.