COMMENT: How many more for Division 7?

WITH not one but two local by-elections and the very high likelihood of a state election just around the corner, 2017 may well go down in history as the year Ipswich officially got sick of going to the polls.

On a positive note; at least we won't be found wanting for candidates in this up-coming Division 7 vote.

Already we have something resembling a Melbourne Cup field running for Mayor Andrew Antoniolli's old spot on the council. With no incumbent on the list of candidates, this can only be seen as an opportunity to put a fresh face in the chambers.

Today we've profiled the latest candidate to put their hand up for the job, Dave Austin, and taken the opportunity to refresh your memories on the other 10 people to have signalled their intentions to run. But with four days until the cut off for nominations, I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple more contenders come out of the woodwork.