COMMENT: Getting to like this winter thing

WEATHER can become a mundane topic for many people.

This is a fact firmly at the front of my mind whenever someone in the newsroom suggests we do another story on the obvious: "it was a bit cold this morning".

There are certain people who possess a mysterious inner glow, who will happily go out to work on a zero degree morning wearing a T-shirt and stubbies. Others will rug themselves up to the eyeballs and still show signs of hypothermia.

I can assure you there is no shortage of vigorous debate over whether or not the week's forecast of overnight temperatures below 10 degrees warrants stories announcing a "cold snap". One thing people can be bad at is cursing the weather, when we should be embracing it.

The forecast for Ipswich today is for a sunny day with a maximum of 26 degrees. In London, where it is the middle of summer, it is for rain and 21 degrees.

Where would you rather be?