COMMENT: Dumping hot on the agenda

SPEND a few hours around the Swanbank or New Chum area and you will notice the sheer volume of trucks bringing in rubbish from NSW.

While the waste levy-dodging activities going on south of the border are not exactly Australian's best kept secret, it was still a shock to learn the extent of what comes up here.

The lengths that some of these unscrupulous operators will go to in order to avoid the levy is little surprise when you learn of the millions of dollars involved.

I'd like to think that Campbell Newman's government didn't foresee this happening when the waste levy was scrapped a few years back - although they at least should have considered the possibility.

Either way, the timing of Monday night's Four Corners program couldn't have been better. With the mayoralty at stake, you can bet the next person to don the robes will be making this their number one priority.